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Suzuki Warranty Quote

A well-known motorcycle manufacturer, Suzuki has been enjoying decent success as a car brand in recent years, thanks to a line-up of neat, well-equipped and reasonably priced models. Despite focusing on smaller cars, its SUV range is also incredibly popular, especially the Ignis and Vitara.

Fun to drive and full of amazing tech, Suzuki’s cars are also standout for fuel economy. With so much to enjoy about these cars, you’re going to want to make sure that your warranty protection is up to scratch. Which is where MotorEasy comes in.

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Why do I need a warranty for my Suzuki?

Whether you love to explore the great outdoors or head off on an urban expedition from time to time, the Suzuki range of cars has you covered. And with so many Suzukis on the road today, you should make sure yours is safeguarded by a first-rate protection plan.

If you’re looking for a warranty that complements the classic innovation and performance you love about your Suzuki, look no further than MotorEasy. We’ve got policies to cover all your needs, regardless of what model you own.


Why should I choose MotorEasy?

If you’re looking for a range of protective measures for your Suzuki, MotorEasy has got you covered.

In addition to taking care of mechanical and electrical repair costs (as well as overheating and air-conditioning failures, depending on the plan you pick), we also offer general wear and tear coverage – a perk the original manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t account for.

We’re also able to arrange collection and delivery of your vehicle (at home or work), and our 24/7 tracking of repairs ensures you’re always kept in the loop. Booking your car in for maintenance is equally easy, as you're able to arrange bookings round-the-clock and not leave you waiting for help.

And our services even extend to the Continent too. If you’re driving in Europe (for up to 60 days’ worth of travel), you’ll receive the same fantastic level of service as you do back home.


Can I get a quote?

You can definitely get a free Suzuki warranty quote with MotorEasy. Simply head to our quote page, where you’ll be asked to enter your car’s registration number and a few personal details. Once you’ve filled this out, your free quote will appear on-screen in moments; it really is that simple!

Or if you’d much rather speak to someone about your requirements, you can telephone us on 0800 131 0001. Calls are completely free, and we’ll be sure to point you in the right direction without any hassle.


Recent Paid Repairs for Suzukis

Suzuki has more than earned its reputation for performance and reliability, but that doesn’t mean their cars aren’t susceptible to mechanical and electrical failure from time to time. Check out our guide to find out what the most common Suzuki repairs are and how much it typically costs to fix them:

  • Swift: This model of Suzuki is the one we tend to deal with the most. From the master cylinder failing (£252.96) to the catalytic converter needing work (£1,262.66), our repair costs vary tremendously. Eliminate them altogether by taking out a comprehensive Suzuki warranty with MotorEasy.
  • Vitara: On one recent occasion, we had to repair the aux drive belt tensioner in this model of car, where the owner was handed a bill of £1,855.94 – including parts, labour and diagnostics. This is the kind of bill you just don’t need, so give yourself peace of mind and take out our Suzuki warranty today.
  • Grand Vitara: A turbocharger failure in this model of car amounted to £1,480.50, and even with parts, labour and diagnostics included, this sum was still a shock for the owner. Fortunately, their MotorEasy warranty saved them having to pay for everything outright.
  • Jimny: Recently, we had to do work on the transfer and reduction gears in one of these cars, amounting to £591 – including diagnostics, parts and labour costs. Unexpected repair bills can and often do creep up on motorists, which is why it’s so important to safeguard your Suzuki with a MotorEasy warranty.
  • SX4: Work to a faulty AC compressor in this type of car came to a total of £546 including diagnostics, parts and labour. You’ll have enough to worry about without having to pay this kind of bill upfront, so obtain a Suzuki warranty with MotorEasy to save yourself the trouble.