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Volvo Warranty Quote

A highlight of Swedish design and engineering, every kind of Volvo offers a unique driving experience that motorists are sure to enjoy. With its rich blend of character and charm, this car deserves a warranty that covers all aspects of its care.

If you need an extended warranty for your Volvo to replace an expired manufacturer warranty or any other legitimate reason, MotorEasy can help. Our coverage options can relieve you of the financial burden of unexpected car repairs, leaving you to enjoy the experience of driving your Volvo to its full potential.

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Why do I need a warranty for my Volvo?

You’ll likely have made a significant financial investment when you bought your Volvo, new or used, so it stands to reason that you would want to take out the right kind of warranty in preparation for heading out on the road.

When it comes to MotorEasy warranties, our aim is to improve upon the existing features that official manufacturer warranties offer you. For instance, our warranty plans cover wear and tear related failures, which Volvo currently do not account for in their extended warranty plans. We can even we pay garages directly for your repairs if you take it to one of our 10,000 UK network garages.

Whatever your model of Volvo, we’ll be there to provide a comprehensive warranty that safeguards you against a wide range of eventualities. With MotorEasy, you can be sure you’re getting cover that protects your wallet as much as your vehicle.


What’s covered with my Volvo warranty?

From expert engineers always keeping you informed to 24/7 booking, you can fully make the most of your Volvo warranty with MotorEasy, knowing that we’ll take care of all the necessary things.

It’s our mission to tailor every Volvo warranty we offer to suit you and your needs. This means that whether you want protection for one, two or even three years, that’s fine – we’ll make sure you’re covered. And, if it’s unclear for how long you’ll have your car, don’t worry; our monthly warranty plans offer complete flexibility, so you can update us on your situation and adjust your cover accordingly at any time.

With a Volvo warranty from MotorEasy, you’ll never be out of pocket. Whether you need urgent repairs or are looking for a little more flexibility, you’ll get your money’s worth when you take out our first-rate coverage.


What can I do to get one?

All you need to do to get an instant Volvo warranty quote from MotorEasy is to enter your car’s registration number. You’ll also need to follow a few additional steps, but once all your information is entered correctly, a free quote will appear – it really is that straightforward!

Additionally, we are more than happy to discuss your Volvo warranty over the phone. Give us a ring on freephone 0800 131 0001 and talk to one of our helpful team members about any specific requirements you have for your vehicle.


Common Repairs for Volvo Models

Getting to grips with the different types of Volvo and their most frequent associated faults can be tricky. Check out our handy guide, where you’ll find a breakdown of our recent paid repairs for Volvos:

  • C30: An excellent hatchback, this car’s reliability makes it even more frustrating when things do go wrong, and it needs repairs. Alternator work will set you back around just £200, but bigger jobs like anything to do with the flywheel can cost over a grand! Protect your car and your wallet with a Volvo warranty from MotorEasy that’ll take care of everything up to the value of the car itself.
  • S40: The premier compact executive option in the Volvo range, the S40 can cost a pretty penny when it comes to repairs; work can cost over £1,000 for bigger jobs. To save yourself the stress of dealing with these unnecessary repair costs, be sure to safeguard your Volvo with a warranty from MotorEasy.
  • V50: Beautifully built and with few major problems, it can still be costly if something does go wrong with your V50. For instance, we recently saw a V50 repair costing £2,000! Get a Volvo warranty from MotorEasy and put unexpected repair costs to the back of your mind.
  • XC60: A crossover SUV equally fit for urban driving and cross-country adventuring, work on this vehicle can be expensive; for example, fixing the torque converter is likely to set you back around £3,000. As such, a Volvo warranty from MotorEasy is a great way to deal with any unforeseen expenses relating to your car.
  • XC90: Hard to fault when it comes to both performance and durability, this vehicle can still cost quite a bit to fix. Once, we had come in with a broken alternator, which cost the owner £915.60 to put right. Fortunately, a Volvo warranty with MotorEasy meant that they didn't have to pay out of their own pocket, which is always a plus.